Monday, November 24, 2008

the neoNuma Arts Holiday Salon

The Salon is upon me. And much too soon. It seems several things are converging upon me this very week and, ACK! I still have to put in time at the day job. Oh the humanity!

But the Salon is shaping up nicely in that it's got some really good authors reading at it. Jill Alexander Essbaum, author of Necropolis. Alan Berecka, author of the forthcoming The Comic Flaw. Anne McCrady, author of Along Greathouse Road and, with the aforementioned poets, co-editor of the forthcoming Psalms Project book (which will get a real title soon!). Winston Derden, David LeMaster, Neil Ellis Orts, all of the neoNuma anthology Able to....

And just today, I confirmed that choreographer Toni Leago Valle will be bringing a section of her new dance/theater work, Tetris.

Oh yeah, and all neoNuma titles will be available for purchase---at reduced prices!

So a full afternoon, but a relaxed afternoon. Should be fun for literature and arts fans.

Date/Place to be:
December 6
2303 Richmond

Email me at neo (at) for a pdf flyer or more information. Spread the word!

That's all that I've got tonight.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Things You Notice When You Work in a Bookstore